High-Efficiency Logistics

High Efficiency
TradePort California will dramatically enhance the efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness of the supply chains that depend on functional and efficient cargo movement to key international and domestic supply chain points. The TradePort California strategy creates a purpose-built system design that results in an integrated next-generation high efficiency cargo transport and management ecosystem.  As the TradePort model is designed for the next century, it has been engineered as a zero-emission platform that will design its infrastructure to support and anticipate zero emission equipment powertrains and high-efficiency cargo handling.  

Optimized Supply Chain Management

As a system, TradePort California is designed to reduce friction and increase fluidity for shippers moving cargo into and out of the Market Area.  In the case of international cargo transiting California’s seaports, the system provides integrated and seamless cargo movement from seaport dock into and out of the Market Area.  The system will include state of the art cargo handling and a cargo tracking system designed to reduce costs, increase reliability, and provide an increased level of cargo data information to shippers. Increased information transparency will provide consistent and optimized supply chain management for companies located in the TradePort California Market Area.   


High Efficiency
Increased certainty creates tremendous economic benefits, and also a myriad of community and environmental benefits.  With increased supply chain management certainty, truck wait times are reduced for both clean and legacy vehicles that serve the Market Area. 

Engineered system integration and cargo handing technology and clean-energy equipment creates a unique platform that represents a near carbon-neutral operational environment, benefitting companies at and around the TradePorts and the surrounding communities.  Development of data tracking systems across a dedicated high-capacity TradePort data network will create significant advantages.  The TradePort system will be an integrated supply chain model that provides: 

  • Efficiency through cargo management systems and service integration  
  • To and from the inland port to seaports 
  • Within the inland port 
  • Cargo data management system 
  • Secure wireless connectivity 
  • Equipment deployment and sharing  
  • Ability to accelerate and adopt emerging technologies